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Top 40 River Cruise Ships

These results are graded off of the following criteria: Itineraries/schedule, shore excursions, crew/service, cabins, food/dining, activities/facilities, design/layout, and passengers.

* = Tied results

1. River Queen Uniworld River Cruises
2. River Beatrice Uniworld River Cruises
3. Viking Helvetia Viking River Cruises
4. Viking Legend Viking River Cruises
5. River Royale Uniworld River Cruises
6.* River Concerto Grand Circle
6.* River Countess Uniworld River Cruises
8. Avalon Scenery Avalon Waterways
9. Viking Neptune Viking River Cruises
10. River Duchess Uniworld River Cruises
11. River Adagio Grand Circle
12. Viking Emerald Viking River Cruises
13. Viking Spirit Viking River Cruises
14. River Tosca Uniworld River Cruises
15.* River Aria Grand Circle
15.* Viking Sky Viking River Cruises
17. Viking Pride Viking River Cruises
18.* River Princess Uniworld River Cruises
18.* Viking Danube Viking River Cruises
18.* Viking Europe Viking River Cruises
21. River Empress Uniworld River Cruises
22.* AmaDagio AmaWaterways
22.* Chardonnay Grand Circle
24. River Baroness Uniworld River Cruises
25. Viking Sun Viking River Cruises
26.* Avalon Creativity Avalon Waterways
26.* River Ambassador Uniworld River Cruises
28. Avalon Tranquility Avalon Waterways
29. Bizet Grand Circle
30. Viking Primadonna Viking River Cruises
31. River Harmony Grand Circle
32. Avalon Tapestry Avalon Waterways
33. Viking Truvor Viking River Cruises
34. Viking Fontane Viking River Cruises
35. River Rhapsody Grand Circle
36.* Sun Boat IV Abercrombie & Kent
36.* Viking Schumann Viking River Cruises
38. Viking Helgi Viking River Cruises
39. AmaLegro AmaWaterways
40. AmaCello AmaWaterways

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